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1.5-2 Hours

A Classic Set that is so natural and glam, it would make Poison Ivy jealous! This set consists of 1 eyelash extension being attached to 1 natural lash. It is comparable to mascara without the mess or extra time. You will receive an individualized consult to determine size, style and curl used and are always guaranteed to leave with a full set!


2-2.5 Hours


A mix of Classic and Volume lashes (2-4 lash extensions to 1 natural lash), the Lash Nerd Signature is a hybrid set that is bold, dark, and dramatic. It gives your lashes a thick, textured appearance. And the added bonus?! The Lash Nerd Signature  cuts down on your morning routine by eliminating mascara and eyeliner! You will receive an individualized style to fit your needs, ranging from an eye-opening doll eye to a dramatic cat eye even Cat Woman would be crazy for! 



2.5-3 Hours

Volume lashes are every lash nerd's dream! They can be full, fluffy, and light, or, as dark and dramatic as Batman! 2-6 lash extensions are applied to 1 natural lash using a fine, lightweight extension. At the end of your visit, you will have 200-500 lashes! 


Volume is ideal for EVERYONE, as each set is individually designed according to your lash health and desires. 




2.5-3 Hours

Mega Volume lashes are big, bold, and like the Joker & Harley: they make a statement. They consist of 7-15 ultra fine lash extensions and are applied to one natural lash! You will receive an individually styled set that accentuates your already gorgeous eyes. 




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Lash Lift & Tint

1 Hour


You want lashes? But you don't want the commitment of extensions? A lift and tint is for you! A lift and tint takes your natural lashes and enhances them with a perm and tint, which lifts and darkens. The result? Your natural lashes, but better.


And the best part?! A lift and tint last 6-8 weeks! 



Lash Lift

45 Minutes

Are you natural lashes already dark, but you still want a lash boost? Then opt for just a lash lift! Within 45 minutes you will be rocking a lash perm that shows off every single one of your glorious lashes! 





Lash Tint

30 Minutes


Are you lashes so blonde they don't exist!? A lash tint will darken your natural lashes, resulting in the extra oomph you've always wanted!




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